15 of the Most Dramatic Celebrity Co-Star Feuds Ever

What could be juicier than a good celebrity feud that’s played out in the media? Even more delicious is when these frienemies happen to be co-stars on the same film or TV series. While some celebs can hide their true feelings toward one another on screen, the tension is often undeniable.

1. Michael Strayhan & Kelly Ripa

Following the announcement that Michael Strahan was leaving Live with Kelly & Michael to co-host full-time on Good Morning America, Ripa was reportedly furious at being blindsided, and days of drama ensued on morning TV, including Ripa’s conspicuous absence from the show.

2. Lucy Liu & Bill Murray

According to reports, the notorious Lucy Liu and Bill Murray feud on the set of Charlie’s Angels was set off when Murray said to Liu: “…What in the hell are you doing here? You can’t act!”, supposedly prompting Liu to physically attack him.